Shipping Policy

  1. Our Privacy Policy details how we collect, use, and share customer data during purchases and interactions on our website.
  2. By engaging with our services or making a purchase, customers agree to abide by our Privacy Policy.
  3. Upon purchasing a digital download, customers receive a download link via email for direct access to the file(s) on their computer or mobile device.
  4. The type of file and instructions for opening and using it vary depending on the specific digital download.
  5. Clear instructions on file usage are provided in the item description or as a separate file.
  6. Customers experiencing difficulties in downloading or opening the digital file can contact us for assistance.
  7. We offer additional instructions or alternative methods to ensure customers can access their digital downloads seamlessly.
  8. Creators Studio99 aims to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for all customers, whether seasoned digital shoppers or newcomers to digital downloads.
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